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"Baptism, the Eucharist, and the sacrament of Confirmation together constitute the sacraments of Christian initiation, whose unity must be safeguarded ... the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation is necessary for the completion of baptismal grace. For by the sacrament of Confirmation, the baptized are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed."

- Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph # 1285

Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation preparation is done in Grade 6 at the Parish of St. Timothy.  Children attend weekly 1 hour classes and participate in various service projects throughout the year.  We currently use the Confirmed in the Spirit program from Loyola Press.  Parents participate in one mandatory class per month with their child.

The following criteria must be met before preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation:

  • Child has been baptized

  • Child has completed a minimum of forty (40) hours in an ongoing program of catechesis in the previous two years (see p. 7 of Diocesan Catechetical policy - Archdiocese of St. Boniface)

  • Child has received the Sacrament of First Penance (Confession / Reconciliation)

  • Child has received the Sacrament of First Eucharist (First Communion)

  • Child is 11 years old or older

Attendance and formation requirements:

  • Weekly classes - October to May (at the same time as regular catechism classes)

  • Tuesday evenings (6:30 - 7:30 pm)

  • Six mandatory parent & candidate sessions - once a month October to March

  • Various service projects - November / December, April / May

  • A visit with the Archbishop - March / April / May

  • One candidate & sponsor retreat - May

  • Mass of celebration of Confirmation - May / June


Register for Confirmation preparation here.

Sacraments 101: Confirmation

Join Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, as he briefly explains the basics of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please note that the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface uses the candidate's baptismal name as their Confirmation name. 

Bishop Barron on the Sacrament of Confirmation

Bishop Robert Barron shares his Confirmation message to young people. In this video he speaks about the renewal of baptismal promises.


Important Documents

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