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Youth Ministry at St. Timothy- Update

Since 2022, our parish has made the decision to intentionally invest in the youth of our parish and local community. We did this by developing a staff position that could begin to lay good foundations to youth and young adult ministry in our parish for future years. As a result, we hired Jerico based on the quality of his experience in these areas and his ideas for what youth ministry could look like in our parish. Initially, the position was a term position with the possibility of being renewed but had eventually become a permanent part-time role. 


Recently, Jerico submitted a letter stating his desire to resign from his position at our parish as our youth ministry coordinator for the end of May but will continue to volunteer on Sunday evenings in June. He has been working full time at St. Boniface Diocesan High School since 2023 as well as here and is now getting married this weekend (pray for them!). Though we are sad to see him leave us in this way, we are grateful for the work he has done in laying foundations. And we are optimistic as well, because we want to continue to invest in young people. So, we are going to be hiring again! You’ll find below a little personal message from Jerico himself, and underneath that is what we’ll be sharing with other parishes for a job posting soon. Stay tuned for more info!


Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful!

Fr. Brian Trueman


Hello Parish of St. Timothy,

I am unfortunately leaving the role of your youth ministry coordinator. I would have loved to stay but the needs of my life as I begin marriage are more financially demanding so I had to take another job. 

During my time as the youth ministry coordinator, we have started 2 regular occurring youth groups and had more than 30 youth come to our youth group to encounter Christ. We learned about different aspects of the faith, had fun together, but most importantly, we went from a group of youth that would see each other now and then, to a community.

Moving forward my wife and I will be still involved with the Sunday youth group until the end of June. We hope to help the new youth minister have an easy transition and ensure that the future of our youth ministry is built upon strong roots.

Thank you everyone for your support throughout the past 2 years. Please lift up a prayer for me as I move into this next stage of my life and I will be praying for you.


Pax Christi,



Employment Opportunity at the Parish of St. Timothy- Youth Ministry Coordinator 


The parish Youth Ministry Coordinator (YMC), is responsible for coordinating a parish pastoral ministry for youth (ages 12-24) with a focus on the following: that youth know Christ, that youth feel a sense of belonging in the Church, that youth feel a sense of purpose in the Church and to help youth be alive in their faith.  The YMC works under the direct supervision of the Pastor and facilitates the development of fellowship among young people, their families, the parish, and the local community. The YMC develops close communications with parish organizations and offices with the focus of providing opportunities for young people to live out their faith in their daily lives. 


The position description may be found here.

Applicants may send a cover letter and résumé to Fr. Brian Trueman, Pastor, by email,, or by post to:

Fr. Brian Trueman

c/o Parish of St. Timothy

135 John Forsyth Road 

Winnipeg MB   R2N 1R3 


The closing date for applications is June 14th, 2024.


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