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Who should join our PPC?

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council are individuals who care deeply about the spiritual wellbeing of all members of the parish. They are dedicated and hard-working, attend meetings to advise the pastor, and they run events for the parish. Parish Pastoral Council members are always looking out for the parishioners while focusing on the mission of the church: to bring Christ to the people and people to Christ.

On top of being practicing catholic and a registered member of the Parish of St. Timothy, members of the Parish Pastoral Council need to represent the needs of the whole parish. Since we advise on matters regarding the entire parish, members shouldn’t be biased towards any one group. The experience and perspectives of our ministries, groups, and organizations are integral to our work and being able to take care of all parishioners means equitably considering everyone’s spiritual wellbeing. Being able to advise and support the energies of all parishioners is crucial for members of the council.

Clearly, the purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council couldn’t possibly be accomplished by one person. Working well with the existing council members and being able to communicate with the council and the parish are hallmarks of council members. This includes knowing when to communicate as some discussions of the Parish Pastoral Council are confidential. Only when the team works well together can it truly serve its mission.

The mission and method of operation for the Parish Pastoral Council is a baseline of knowledge for members. Continually learning and growing as members and disciples is also an important part of being a council member. Applying our mission, “to "fan into flame the gifts God has given us" (2 Tim 1.6-7) so together all encounter and share the Living Christ” requires constant learning and communion with the parish. This journey is an incredible privilege and opportunity for the parish, and especially for council members.

Knowing what is involved in being a member of the Parish Pastoral Council, we will talk more about what is involved in joining the council next week. Check out our page in the meantime!

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