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Discerning PPC Nominations

Last week we shared the third message about our Parish Pastoral Council. We now know what the Parish Pastoral Council does, why it does it, and who is part of the council. This week, we’d like to extend an invitation to you.

We, the Parish Pastoral Council of St. Timothy’s, invite you to join us in discerning who from our parish would be a fruitful addition to our Parish Pastoral Council. Our council is committed to growing with and for the best interests of our parish. Please join us by discerning whether you could be that person, and/or by nominating people who you believe to be good candidates as members of our Parish Pastoral Council.

Discernment is listening with openness for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We can hear the Holy Spirit in peace and quiet, during our prayer and in our communal worship. Perhaps during a prayer, you feel inspired to do something or maybe you feel particularly called to join someone in their ministry. By surrendering to the will of God, the Holy Spirit, we truly discern and follow our purpose.

Rome wasn’t built in a day- and no one immediately knows what they are called. Continual prayer and thoughtful reflection cuts through the busyness, competing priorities, and the many concerns of life. Considering the time commitment, a person’s gifts and talents, and the true motivation to join the Parish Pastoral Council is very important for each member. Introspection will help to build faith in what is being discerned.

Living in communion happens on different levels: parish life, community life, and family life. Consulting with people in each area can help to clarify the reality of being a council member. Fr. Brian and Parish Pastoral Council members can answer any questions you may have, and discussions with family members should paint the picture of how someone can be involved in the council. Continuing in communion, prospective members are encouraged to learn and plan with those around them.

We, the current members of the PPC, hope that you are leaning toward responding positively to our invitation. Whether or not you have made up your mind, we encourage you to follow the outlined Discernment Process as we embark on this journey as a parish.

Rest assured that we are all praying with you.


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