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Eucharistic Prayer Companions- 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas Day

Christmas is almost here, and it comes on the heels of our final Sunday of Advent- the same day! With that being the case, I decided not to take up precious room in our Sunday bulletin from the other reflections for the major feast days at this time: Christmas and Holy Family. But that's the nice thing about a blog is there are no space considerations. And you can read this blog sooner than you would be picking up the Sunday bulletin at church.

So here are the Eucharistic Prayer Companion resources for the 4th Sunday of Advent and for Christmas Day, again brought to you by the National Eucharistic Revival.

Download PDF • 773KB

Next week I'll be posting the resource for the Feast of the Holy Family which is next Sunday.

May you be abundantly blessed by the radiance of Christ's advent into our world, our lives, and our hearts. God love you.

Fr. Brian Trueman


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