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Youth Ministry Coordinator
at St. Timothy

Employment Opportunity at the Parish of St. Timothy- Youth Ministry Coordinator

The parish Youth Ministry Coordinator (YMC), is responsible for coordinating a parish pastoral ministry for youth (ages 12-24) with a focus on the following: that youth know Christ, that youth feel a sense of belonging in the Church, that youth feel a sense of purpose in the Church and to help youth be alive in their faith.  The YMC works under the direct supervision of the Pastor and facilitates the development of fellowship among young people, their families, the parish, and the local community. The YMC develops close communications with parish organizations and offices with the focus of providing opportunities for young people to live out their faith in their daily lives. 


Find the full job description here!


Applicants may send a cover letter and résumé to Fr. Brian Trueman, Pastor, by email,, or by post to:

Fr. Brian Trueman

c/o Parish of St. Timothy

135 John Forsyth Road 

Winnipeg MB   R2N 1R3 


The closing date for applications is June 14th, 2024.

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