Welcome to the Year of Growth

Logo for the Year of Growth

Year of Growth Logo 1d (revised 1).png

Our logo was designed and created by Anthony Chiarella, a great artist in our parish. Read about his journey of faith in our Stories of Faith by clicking his name.  


The shoot that appears lower down the cross reminds us of the "shoot of Jesse," Christ, and that new-life and growth that is expected of us as Christians as we allow ourselves to be filled and animated by the Holy Spirit.  From Jesus' death comes the possibility of Christian life and growth. The curved lines at the top remind us of a vine, the True Vine, Jesus, who we are grafted onto through our baptism. 

Prayer for the Year of Growth

O Lord, you have given us new life through the Paschal Mystery in baptism. You call us to holiness with our whole lives, and to grow in all aspects.


We ask that our parish’s Year of Growth

may produce abundant fruits

and a fragrance pleasing to you.


Fan into flame the gifts you have given us,

that we may see growth in our humanity,

in our spirituality, in our wisdom,

and in our charity toward others.


Give us, O Lord, the grace to remain

firmly planted in your abundant love

so that together ALL encounter and share

the Living Christ.



St. Timothy, pray for us.

 Our prayer was composed in cooperation between the Parish Pastoral Council and our Fan into Flames prayer group.

Resources for Growth

Growth Plan Document

Click the image to view and print the PDF

Fr. Brian Trueman explains the Growth Plan

Fr. Brian shares his personal Growth Plan

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