The Parish Pastoral Council

Why do we exist?

The St. Timothy Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) acts as the Pastor’s consultative body and exists in co-responsibility with the Pastor to foster pastoral activity in accordance with and which expresses the mission of the parish. With prayer and discernment, the PPC acts as a compass to help the parish maintain the course of its mission.

What do we do?

The PPC works collaboratively with all the parish ministries to engage and enable the whole parish community to a fuller participation in the mission of the parish.

Fr. Brian Trueman
Alesa Sutherland
Teresita Chiarella
Denise Flint

Executive Committee

David Doyle
Philibert Ruberandinda
Mike Fritschij
Arlene Dorge
Ken Hamin
Daniel Bouchard
Hannah Payumo
Garth Rowswell

Council Members

Our Initiatives

Year of Growth

2021 was the year of growth in our parish. We invite you to explore a personal growth plan and peruse our large collection of targeted resources.