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Our Community

We're so glad that you made it past the first page and are interested in learning about our community! Here you can find out all about the different Ministries, Groups, and Organizations that feed our vibrant community. Please explore to your hearts content; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

The Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is the guiding body for the Parish of St. Timothy's. With the help of the pastor, Fr. Chrys, and the Holy Spirit, the PPC tries to help the Parish keep to the mission and vision of the Parish.

Liturgy and Sanctification

The pillar of Liturgy and Sanctification in our community is for all of the liturgical ministries and any extensions thereof. The groups/ministries in this pillar help fulfill Christ's mission by providing form to the mass and bring the mass to those who can't make it to mass.

Pastoral Care

Visit and bring Euchahrist to those who can't come to church.

Liturgical Ministries

Plans masses and serves during mass- Eucharistic Ministers for example.

Sunday Dakota House

Two parishioners bring the recorded 9 AM Mass and the Holy Eucharist to our parishioners at Dakota House.

Charity and Social Justice

The pillar of Charity and Social Justice contains the groups/ministries/organizations that take Jesus' mission out of the church to the rest of the world.

Next Step

This program supports released offend- ers preparing for re-entry into the community.

Refugee Commitee

Supports and coordinates sponsoring refugees.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

This group serves the poor within the city, sorting food donated by parishioners, buying fresh food and delivering it to family homes within the city.

Parish Life

The pillar of Parish Life is for the groups/ministries/organizations who primarily serve the needs our Parish Family, like fellowship.

Women's Auxiliary Group

These women support the parish and organizations promoting charitable works.

Knight's of Colombus

These community oriented men conduct fund-raising events for charitable groups or the parish.

Marriage, Family and Life Team

Provides resources to enrich marriages, promote family prayer, support life from conception to natural death.

Welcoming Group

Plans a special evening event for newcomers to the parish to provide information about our parish and the active groups that may be of interest to them.

Funeral Catering Group

This group provides catering for not only funeral receptions, but also for special Celebrations e.g. Easter Vigil and Confirmation.

Youth Group Theatre

A theatre for young parishioners.

Sunday Coffee

Between the 9 AM and 11 AM Mass, coffee is served in the hall to provide a time of fellowship for all parishioners. Families are encouraged to attend.

Garden Care Team

Year-round care of plants inside the church and outdoor flower gardens are planted, watered and weeded during the summer season to beautify the church grounds.

Monday Bowling League

Parishioners enjoy an evening of bowling at Dakota Lanes. 6:45-9:00.


The pillar of Prayer is for the groups/organizations whose primary purpose is to give the community a specific space to pray- either in a specific way of praying (ex: charismatic prayer) or otherwise.

Thursday Morning Faith Sharing

This group meets after mass to read and reflect on the coming Sunday’s readings. They pray, and have a time of refreshments and fellowship.

Fan into Flame

A charismatic prayer group.

Education and Faith Formation

The pillar of Education and Faith Formation holds all the groups/organizations that serve to teach or guide people to Christ and Roman Catholicism.


Catechism is responsible for assisting parents with the faith education of their school-aged children (K-5).

Sacrament Preparation

Preparation for first communion, reconciliation, and confirmation.


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults/Children Adults is a program to help educate adults about the faith and to prepare adults for entry into the Catholic faith through Baptism and Confirmation.

Baptism Preparation

Parents of children who would like to have their child baptized attend a preparation course.

Marriage Preparation

Couples who are planning to be married, are mentored by a mature couple through a series of guided discussions in living out that vocation.

Saturday Beyond Arise

This group meets once a month to reflect and pray on a chosen topic, and enjoy each other’s friendship.

Adult Education

Special programs to help enrich the faith of our parishioners.

Pastoral Renewal and Communication

One of the most important parts of any relationship is communication! The pillar of Pastoral Renewal and Communication groups all the groups/ministries/organizations whose primary purpose is serve our commitment to renewal and spreading the word of God.


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Social Media

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Finance and Stewardship

Along with any church comes money and assets. The pillar of Finance and Stewardship groups all the groups/ministries whose primary purpose it is to serve the parish with regards it's finances and assets.

Collection Counters

Counting money from the collection.

Finance and Administration Commitee

Manage the money that our Parish has.