Penance / Reconciliation

“Those who approach the sacrament of Penance obtain pardon from God's mercy for the offence committed against him, and are, at the same time, reconciled with the Church which they have wounded by their sins and which by charity, by example, and by prayer labours for their conversion.”

- (Catechism of the Catholic Church  paragraph #1422)

The Sacrament of Penance is available after weekday morning masses or can be requested by appointment. Please contact Fr. Brian at 204-949-3769 or

Confession 101:

What is it & how it's done - Part 1

Busted Halo looks at the preliminary steps you need to know before entering a church to receive the Sacrament of Penance.

Sacraments 101:

Penance (why we confess)

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Join Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, as he explains why we confess our sins to a priest. 

Confession 101:

What is it & how it's done - Part 2

Busted Halo walks us through the four steps of  the Sacrament of Penance.

* Please note * The above Confession 101 videos mention many parishes offer the option for face-to-face Confession or anonymous Confession behind a screen.  The Reconciliation Room at the Parish of St. Timothy recently added a screen for anonymous Confession.

First Penance / First Reconciliation

At the parish of St. Timothy, we prepare children starting in Grade 2 for First Penance.  Parents, the primary educators of the faith, are actively involved in the preparation for this Sacrament. Preparation involves parents and children attending four 1 hour classes + one 2 hour retreat.

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The following criteria must be met before preparing for the Sacrament of First Penance:

  • Child has been baptized.

  • Child is 7 years old or older.

  • Child recognizes the difference between right and wrong.

  • Child has completed a minimum of twenty (20) hours in an ongoing program of catechesis in the previous year.

What is involved?


The Sacrament of First Penance preparation program consists of:

  1. One (1) Parent Information session - Parents ONLY
    The Parent Information session is mandatory for all parents requesting the Sacrament of First Penance for their child.

  2. One (1) blessing for all families preparing for the Sacrament of First Penance - Child & Parents attend
    This blessing ceremony will take place during regular Sunday Mass 

  3. Four (4) one hour preparation sessions - Candidate & Parents attend
    Session attendance is mandatory for children & at least one parent

  4. Weekly preparation challenges at home

  5. One 2 hour retreat