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Pope Francis' Message for Lent 2021

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Journey Through Lent

Journey Through Lent with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

About Lent

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Your Guide To A Catholic Lent:
Everything you need for a more spiritual Lent

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Lent 101: What Every Catholic Should Know


Ash Wednesday

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Prayer & Lenten Devotions

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A 9-step blueprint for your prayer life this Lent


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Lenten Catholic Prayers & Reflections


8 Ways to Pray During Lent

32:22 min.

10:28 min.

29:12 min.

16:16 min.

9:23 min.

See more Prayer & Devotion resources here:

Lenten Devotions at the Parish of St. Timothy


Other Lenten Devotions

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Check our bulletin for instructions on how to sign up for FORMED free.

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102 Things You Should Really Give Up For Lent



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Check out our parish bulletin to see how you can give to help SSVP or newcomer families with their needs.

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Donate to Development & Peace projects

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