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Public Health Orders Update as of October 4, 2021
Faith-based gatherings are permitted for up to 33 % of a church’s capacity or 25 people, whichever is greater, if proof of vaccination of all people cannot be assured. However, by the decision of the Archdiocese, parishes will not require the faithful to present proof of vaccination. These changes in capacity (lowering to 33% from 50%) do not reduce our current capacity of about 95 people, physically distanced, in the worship space.
Attendance is still on a first come, first-seated basis. Indoor weddings, funerals, prayer vigils for the deceased and baptisms are limited to 25 persons or 25 % of the capacity of the premises, whichever is lower.
For further information, read the Diocesan Health Measures and Protocols for Religious Services or go to to view the document.

To read the current Public Health Orders, go to

Reminders when Attending Mass

The north doors open 30 minutes before Mass. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before Mass to allow extra time to sign-in and self-screen for

Please only attend Mass if:
 you do not have symptoms of COVID-19,
 you are not required to self-isolate due to close contact with someone with COVID-19* or due to travel* (*If you are fully vaccinated, you may be exempt as per provincial health orders.)

Masks are required in all indoor public places. If you’ve forgot your mask, ask the door monitors for one.

Upon entry, please sanitize your hands and self-screen for COVID-19. You will be required to print your name and contact information on the contact tracing list and initial that you’ve answered the self-screening questions.