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Our Community

We're so glad that you made it past the first page and are interested in learning about our community! Here you can find out all about the different ministries, groups, and organizations that feed our vibrant community. Please explore to your hearts content; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is the guiding body for the Parish of St. Timothy. With the help of our pastor, Fr. Brian Trueman, and the Holy Spirit, the PPC helps the parish keep to the mission and vision of the parish.

Liturgy and Sanctification

- PPC Liaison: Teresita and Daniel

The pillar of Liturgy and Sanctification in our community is for all of the liturgical ministries and any extensions thereof. The groups, ministries, and organizations in this pillar help fulfill Christ's mission by providing form to the Mass and bring the Mass to those who can't make it to Mass.

Charity and Social Justice

- PPC Liaison: Philibert

The pillar of Charity and Social Justice contains the groups, ministries,  and organizations that take Jesus' mission out of the church to the rest of the world.

Parish Life

- PPC Liaison: Alesa

The pillar of Parish Life is for the groups, ministries, and organizations who primarily serve the needs our Parish Family, like fellowship.


- PPC Liaison: Mike and Ken

The pillar of Prayer is for the groups and organizations whose primary purpose is to give the community a specific space to pray - either in a specific way of praying (ex: charismatic prayer) or otherwise.

Education and Faith Formation

- PPC Liaison: Arlene and David

The pillar of Education and Faith Formation holds all the groups and organizations that serve to teach or guide people to Christ and Roman Catholicism.

Pastoral Renewal and Communication

- PPC Liaison: Arlene and Daniel

One of the most important parts of any relationship is communication! The pillar of Pastoral Renewal and Communication groups all the groups, ministries, and organizations whose primary purpose is serve our commitment to renewal and spreading the word of God.

Finance and Stewardship

- PPC Liaison: Mike and David

Along with any church comes money and assets. The pillar of Finance and Stewardship groups all the groups, ministries, and organizations whose primary purpose it is to serve the parish with regards its finances and assets.