Celebrating Easter

The Easter Vigil

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Short explanation video of the events of the Easter Vigil

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The Easter Vigil - Celebrating the Holiest Night of the Year (simple explanation of the Easter Vigil)
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Seven Important Moments for Children to notice at the Easter Vigil

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Join Dan Schutte in a virtual celebration of Easter Vigil liturgy. We gather as a family to tell the stories of our salvation and draw strength from the remembering.

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Why is the Easter Vigil such a long Mass?

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Adapted Catholic family Easter Vigil for at home

The Service of Light - the blessing of the fire & lighting of the Paschal Candle

Easter vigil - explanation of the lighti

Explanation of the Lighting of the Paschal Candle

Easter Proclamation Exultet with lyrics.

Easter Proclamation EXULTET with lyrics with short explanation

Easter - significance of the paschal can
Easter - making of the Paschal Candle.jp

Fr. Timothy Campoli explains about the Paschal candle.

Easter Vigil - exultet explained.jpg

The Meaning & Significance of the Exultet Hymn in the History & Tradition of the Church

Liturgy of the Word

Easter Vigil - sharing on 7 readings.jpg

A Sharing on the Readings of the Easter Vigil

Easter - reflection on New Creation.jpg

What does Easter have to do with the New Creation? And what are the readings at Mass for the Easter vigil telling us about this new creation?

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What does Alleluia (sometimes written Hallelujah) mean?

Liturgy of Baptism

Easter Vigil - RCIA journey culminates.j

RCIA Journey Culminates

Renewal of Baptismal Promises.jpg
Easter Vigil - blessing of water.jpg
Why Holy Water.jpg

Blessing of Baptismal Water using Paschal Candle

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Prayer to Renew Baptismal Promises.jpg

Prayer to Renew Baptismal Promises

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Easter eucharist.jpg

Easter is the Feast of the Eucharist!

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Easter and the Holy Eucharist

Easter Sunday


8 Things you Need to Know about Easter Sunday

Easter - bishop barron.jpg

Bishop Barron on The Meaning of Easter

Resurrection - Bishop Barron.jpg
Easter HD.jpg
Resurrection tomb.jpg

What is Easter? - Understanding the history and symbols

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Easter Sunday Mass Texts

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Easter - Fr Mike Schmitz.jpg

Fr. Mike wants us to know how important we are to Jesus.

Jesus Resurrected.jpg

Bishop Barron on the Resurrection of Jesus

Animated Bible story of the Resurrection of Jesus according to John 20

Premieres April 12 at 8:00 AM

The Easter Octave

Easter Octave.jpg
Easter Octave - stained glass.jpg

What is the Easter Octave?

Easter Octave & Divine Mercy.jpg

The Octave of Easter & Divine Mercy Sunday

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Easter Octave - 5 Ways to Celebrate.jpg

5 Ways to Celebrate the Octave of Easter - Ideas for Families

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Prayer Meditation for Easter Octave

Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy image.jpg

9 Things You Need to Know About Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy - what it means.jpg

What Does 'Divine Mercy' Actually Mean?

Divine Mercy - chaplet explained.jpg
Divine Mercy Sunday - origins.jpg

The Origins of Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy - what is it & why it matte

Introduction to What is Divine Mercy? Why Does it Matter?

Divine Mercy chaplet.jpg

How to Recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Sunday.jpg

Ken and Janelle reflect on “The Feast of Mercy”, where is came from, and how to celebrate it.

Divine Mercy - image 2.jpg

Everything You Need to Know about the Divine Mercy Devotion

Divine Mercy - chaplet for kids.jpg

Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids

Easter Season

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50 days of Easter.jpg

50 Days: Easter & Pentecost

Easter - Great 50 days.jpg

The Great 50 Days of Easter

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Why Do We Celebrate Easter for 50 Days?

The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven

Jesus' Ascension.jpg

What Is the Ascension?

Ascension - Bishop Barron.jpg

Bishop Barron on Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters

Ascension explained with LEGO.jpg

The Feast of the Ascension explained with LEGO


Ascension pull tab paper craft

ascension-got questions.jpg

The Ascension - What is it's meaning and it's importance?

7 things Pope Francis wants you to know about Jesus' Ascension


Ascension Through The Eyes Of A Child

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ascension activities.jpg

Let your faith take flight with the Ascension

Ascension-Pentecost cup craft.jpg
Ascension Why did Jesus have to ascend.j

Why Did Jesus Have to Ascend?

Ascension for kids.jpg

The Ascension of Jesus - animated story for children

Ascension 3D printable.JPG
Ascension glowing cloud craft.jpg
ascension colouring.jpg
ascension_paint by number.gif
ascension stained glass colouring.png
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Holy Spirit Novena - nine days leading up to Pentecost


Pray a novena to the Holy Spirit and kindle a fire within - a little about the Novena

Holy Spirit Novena - fruits.jpg

Holy Spirit Novena focusing on the fruits of the Spirit

Novena to the Holy Spirit.jpg

Holy Spirit Novena with words

Holy Spirit Novena - no words.jpg

Holy Spirit Novena video

Holy Spirit Novena downloadable.jpg

Download Novena Prayers

Pentecost novena.png

Find text for this novena here


A Novena to the Holy Spirit

Find out more about the Holy Spirit after the Pentecost section below

Pentecost - the coming of the Holy Spirit


Everything You Need to Know About Pentecost

Pentecost HD.jpg

Introduction to Pentecost

Pentecost - Life changing Love.jpg
The Holy Spirit

More about Pentecost


8 Things to Know and Share About Pentecost

Pentecost in 2 minutes.jpg
Pentecost - the Church is born.jpg

Pentecost in 2 minutes

Pentecost - Catholic Kids Homilies - 1.j

About Pentecost for kids

The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Churc
The Holy Spirit Comes.jpg

An animated story of Pentecost

Lessons on the Holy Spirit for young peo

Bishop Barron on the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church

Pentecost Resources for Families or Catechists


Nine things to do with your kids on Pentecost

Holy Spirit pinwheel.JPG
pentecost-with kids.jpg

Pentecost colouring page

Pentecost activities.jpg

Five Pentecost Activities For Children (And Adults!)

H is for the holy-spirit-activity.jpg
Pentecost-stained glass.png

Activity & Printable: Stained-Glass Pentecost Symbol


Printable Holy Spirit puzzle

Pentecost peppers.jpg
Pentecost crackers.JPG
Pentecost fruit salad.JPG
Pentecost desserts.jpg
Holy Spirit cake.JPG
Pentecost Flamming Cupcakes.JPG

Catholic Cuisine - Food to Help Celebrate the Feast of Pentecost

Lessons about the Holy Spirit for young people

The Holy Spirit


Learning about the Holy Spirit

Who the heck is the Holy Spirit.jpg

Who the heck is the Holy Spirit?

holy-spirit-surprising things.jpg
Understanding the Holy Spirit.jpg
Who is the Holy Spirit.jpg

The Holy Spirit Does These Six Surprising Things

Pope Francis - Holy Spirit.jpg

Pope Francis reflects on the work and power of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost - Catholic Kids Homilies.jpg

About the Holy Spirit for kids

Bishop Barron - Holy Spirit.jpg

Bishop Barron on the Holy Spirit