Our History

In March 1987, a door to door survey was conducted by volunteers on how many catholics were living in South St. Vital.  From these findings and the findings from subsequent meetings held between interested people from this area and Archbishop Antoine Hacault, the first attempts to meet the needs of what was shown to be a fast growing community were begun.  Boundary guidelines were drawn up in the area with the intent of encouraging people to become active within their own physical community.


In early summer of 1988, Archbishop Hacault appointed Father Paul Campeau to be the Pastor of this new parish, then known as the 'South St. Vital Catholic Community'.  The Ecole St. Germain School gym was made available and Sunday, September 11, 1988, at 10:30 a.m. was the chosen date and time for the first celebration of the Eucharist.  The gathering song at that mass was "Great Things Happen When God Mixes With Us".  More prophetic words could not have been chosen.  So great were the numbers that attended the Mass that it became very clear that one service was not going to be sufficient.  From the third Sunday onward, there were two celebrations of the Eucharist held in the gym.


Over 250 families registered in the parish that fall and Catechism classes began in the school on October 3rd.  On February 26, 1989, the Archbishop made his first visit, presiding at both Masses.  On Sunday, June 4th, Father Paul announced at Mass that, at last, we had a name!  Chosen by the parishioners, and approved by the Archbishop, we were now to be known as 'THE ROMAN CATHOLIC PARISH OF ST. TIMOTHY'.  When Archbishop Hacault conferred upon us the name of St. Timothy, he specifically mentioned two references from St. Paul's letter to Timothy: 1 Tim 4, 12 and 2 Tim 1, 6.  In doing so, he placed our parish community under the patronage of St. Timothy and he encouraged us to model his way of living out the Good News.


Though we had been blessed with the use of the St. Germain school gym as a place of worship, and with the generosity of Christ the King Parish for office space and classrooms, the time had come to plan to build a new house for the church that would serve the immediate and future needs of the developing area.  With this in mind, the Building Fund was established in January, 1989.  A Facilities Committee was formed and in the spring of 1990, an architect was selected.  Town hall style meetings were then held to determine the needs and the values of the parish.  For the next four years, we would share in the excitement of planning, fundraising and building a new church and parish facility.  Through hard work, sacrifice, faith, and team work, plans were drawn up and presented to the Archdiocese for approval.  Construction began on March 1, 1994.  On the evening of December 10, 1994, His Grace returned to the parish to dedicate the new church.  The procession started from the gym of St. Germain and continued through the doors of the new church.  The dedication and the first Celebration of the Eucharist took place in our new home!

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